Finally! MathHacked Reveals the Exact Steps to Help Your Kids Do Well in Math Without Having to Push Them
[Change the Energy in the First Five Minutes!]

Eight decks of cards arranged in a unique sequence take kids through their times tables in record time, creating loads of confidence
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Unsolicited testimonial from a happy user of the system

Have a child in first grade? See her rocket past her peers like a Cheetah!

Do you remember how excited you were when you started school? Are you one who had great expectations, but then quickly you took on the belief that you weren’t smart like the other kids?

Did you start feeling overwhelmed and lost as the memorization of more and more facts were piled on before you were ready?

Has this loss of confidence followed you through your life?

No doubt, you want it different for your kids!

Five year old Alice is starting on the right foot. She won't get stuck and bog down on her multiplication and division facts like we used to because of this unique, fun method!

Have a resistant, unconfident child?
Watch him slam dunk math like a Michael Jordan!

Do you see the confidence waning in your child? Is he/she resistant to doing math? Is she a goof off? Is he belligerent? Do they act like they don’t care?

Could it be they feel inadequate, even dumb, in their heart of hearts and don’t want their secret out…so avoidance feels like a safer path??

Did you know that a surprising cause of low self-esteem is due to traditional teaching methods used in EARLY math?? If kids don’t do well there, they tend to believe they’re not smart. Working against this mindset can take more energy than kids want to give, turning parents into full-time enforcers. Do you relate?  

Bowen started MathHacked with low confidence in math, but discovered he knew 80% of his facts. This unique sequence and method made him realize he was smart right out of the gate. His confidence shot through the roof and he even started teaching his younger siblings their times tables!



The deeper I get into this program, the more I love it! Heather has so much wisdom that shines through her training sessions with the children. MathHacked goes way beyond multiplication tables; it’s been parenting help for me! 

My daughter absolutely loves it. She says math is her favorite subject now, and it’s been fun to feel my own math skills soar!

~C. Messick

Danny circle

“This program is magic! I feel like Einstein right now!”


(14 year old who had been labeled as developmentally delayed in two different schools and had absolutely no confidence in math.)


~D. Smith

I thought, “What the heck! You don’t do this until third grade..!”

I’m impressed. This is a pretty cool system…especially when my twelve year old teaches my ten year old who teaches my six year old in kindergarten and he’s got it all figured out.

It’s pretty cool.

~J. Bailey


“I love how you have all the easy ones in here, Mrs. Linchenko!” ~Student

“How old are you?! I can’t even do that!” ~8th Grade reading helper on seeing a first grader whip through her times tables

“You made a really good way of learning math, Mrs. Linchenko.” ~Student

This Super-Dee-Duper Fun Math Curriculum gives Children LOADS of Confidence!

Introducing MathHacked, a fun and simple system for teaching (or solidifying) times tables to kids. The MathHacked method of learning reverses math meltdown, unleashes dormant potential, and makes confidence soar, giving time and emotional space back to the family where it belongs. WOOOOTTT! 

…Oh, and as an added bonus, the kids get their multiplication and division facts down cold.

If kids don’t do well with their multiplication facts, they tend to believe they’re not smart. And it gets worse. Working against this mindset takes more energy than kids want to give, turning you into a full-time enforcer. Sound familiar?

Parents and teenagers can reset negative patterns adopted early in their lives, while children (who haven’t even learned addition!) can start learning math without ever having to face the confidence-stealing methods used for generations.

Did you know that even little tykes (pre-addition!), also thrive at multiplication and division when learned the MathHacked way?

You may be surprised to learn that learning Multiplication first prevents confidence-stealing thought patterns and habits from taking root in the first place.

We invite you to take action with the game-changing philosophies behind MathHacked by clicking the link below.

Works faster than multiplication games or multiplication worksheets

Simple tricks virtually eliminate memorization. The process will feel like a game to your child. Our groundbreaking sequence and process will make your child feel smart on the very first session.

I learned my multiplication facts in record time!

Short, fun learning sessions will make your child rock-solid on his/her facts much faster than other approaches.

Math games are fun now that mom helped me learn my multiplication table.

Watch a short, simple video for the first lesson, then simply mimic with your child! You become the hero and the fun one. No more being the enforcer. As a powerful side benefit, you’ll experience a dramatic improvement in your relationship with your child.

Math problems for kids are easy if we think we can do it.

The math battle is won or lost in the mind of the student. If he thinks he can, he can. If she thinks she can’t, her mind will shut down and it’s an uphill, negative battle from there. MathHacked creates a solid foundation, paving the way for future success. How do we know this? 100% success in home school and in a private school with first grade through third grade students. 100%!

Math problems for kids are easy if we think we can do it.

Why teach multiplication before addition? Your children will learn to think; their minds will learn to jump between operations with ease and figure the answers in their heads. They will learn this painlessly and much more quickly than old methods. Oh, they feel smart!!

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